Thursday, November 4, 2010

The hows and whys of online freelancing and outsourcing.

The Many Advantages Of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is very popular these days. There are many reasons that is true. Initially, outsourcing was mainly used because of the decrease in costs but today there are other reasons just as important such as flexibility of the workforce that it offers. This article will take a look at some of the advantages of outsourcing.

Outsourcing reduces overall costs

This was the initial reason that outsourcing became so popular and it remains a popular reason today. There are many ways that outsourcing can reduce costs. For one thing, it reduces the number of employees on the payroll and also reduces the amount that would be paid in benefits to those employees. In addition, outsourcing reduces the number of employees that are in the physical workplace and therefore reduces overhead costs. Another way that outsourcing reduces costs is when the work is undertaken by those who are able to work for less. For example, programming software can be done by anyone with the knowledge to do so no matter where they live. And people that live in countries with a lower cost of living will be able to work for a lower wage.

Outsourcing allows you access to experts

You probably aren't able to afford having experts on your payroll, but you might be able to afford to outsource work to them occasionally as needed. This gives you the ability to utilize their knowledge in ways to benefit your company. Outsourcing gives you the ability to access experts in any field that your clients might require.

Outsourcing lets you vary the size of your workforce

Another major benefit of outsourcing is that you can access a larger workforce at times when it is needed without going through the hassle of hiring a larger in house staff. It amounts to having more employees which you can use until they are not needed any longer. Having a larger workforce waiting in the wings allows you to compete for projects that much larger companies usually tackle with their in house staff.

Outsourcing gives you flexibility

You never know what may come up during the course of running your business. If you fall behind on your projects for one reason or another then outsourcing is as good as having back up staff you can use on demand. Outsourcing gives you more flexibility with your staff than you could possibly ever have without it. Being flexible allows your business to accept a wider range of clients.

By reviewing these important ways that outsourcing can benefit your business, you can understand why it is more popular today than ever before. It is also much easier today to find outsource workers thanks to the many freelance job boards that have sprung up online.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Content Writers and SEO Consultants and Their Importance in Internet Visibility

Content Writers and SEO Consultants and Their Importance in Internet Visibility

In order to achieve a healthy and growing online business one of the most important factors is the online marketing strategy and how it is implemented by skilled content writers and SEO consultants.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best way to multiply your marketing efforts without multiplying the work.

Article marketing is the single most effective way to internet marketing success. With that said a great way to multiply your internet marketing efforts is by multiplying your content while avoiding the infamous duplicate content penalty from google. This tip works so well at this that every internet marketing guru on the internet uses this method.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How and where to find freelance jobs and projects easily.

Finding freelance work, jobs and projects online is not hard, when compared to finding work in the brick and mortar world. But it is not as easy as the pitches you see posted in the same places that led you to click the link that lead you here. When i say freelance jobs i mean real freelance jobs and projects where you can actually make money enough to live on until you find real work or supplement your income if you already have a steady real world paying gig. And actually find freelance jobs that really pay instead of up and move away come payday is another story completely.

If you are blessed enough to find an honest freelance outlet as opposed to seeking out individual freelance jobs by spending hours and hours networking and passing out business cards and bull in inexpensive cafe's and lunch meetings with potential clients you are really in heaven. The money may not be as good as it once was before most of the jobs went to pakochinastan and other counties where freelancers work for peanuts but it is still an excellent way to use your talents and spare time to accumulate a nice little bit of money is you stay at it and do good work. The truth of freelancing is that the better you are at it the more customers you get through the awesome phenomenon of word of mouth. Remember every project manager and company wants to save money, hell every human over the age of 10 does. In simple words freelancers are turning into the migrant farm workers of southwestern America and finding anything other than decent paying freelance jobs and projects is getting harder and harder by the day.

The best advice i can give any good freelancer is to find a huge, reputable online freelance resource where you can bid for and get freelance jobs and projects, you have to go wher the jobs are. They most definitely will not come a knocking on your door, at least not until you build up a decent "regulars" list by doing good freelance work for clients. I try hard here on this blog to supply just the right feeds, information and links to help the up and comming and veteran freelancer find the jobs he needs to support themselves or get extra income by freelancing. The first tip is make use of the posts, articles, feeds and information i make available here and the second tip will fall into place automatically. The second tip is join a freelancer website. When you find a job here that you are skilled enough to perform just sign up where the link leads you and that will be taken care of , again automatically.

The third and last tip is to build a hell of a profile page when ever you do find that you like a freelancer website, this more than anything gets you the jobs you bid on. When you are ready for the best moonlighting or full-time freelance jobs and projects just click the "sign up" image at the top of the sidebar of this blog.

Thank you for using and/or visiting my blog and i hope i have helped. D. Harris

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gathering Information for Writing an Article, online or off.

Writing articles is a profitable source of income generation, whether article writing is a full-time or part-time activity or the writer is writing for newspapers, magazines or simply writing for webmasters whishing to complement their websites with new and unique content.

Often, the first question that may arise to potential newcomers to article writing is; ‘What will I write about and where will I find the information to write about?’ For many prospective newcomers, this very first question proves to be a hurdle they can not overcome. This article will discuss the methods of gathering information for article writing. Continue

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

UK Copyright Explained: Internet Writing Fundamentals.

Copyright is identifiable by the ‘©’ signed preceding the owner name and year of a written document. Copyright protects the written work conducted by a writer. The copyright notice is prescribed by the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC) of which more than 60 countries are members of. Any work bearing the copyright notice is protected in all UCC member countries, whether member country’s local laws requires registration or any other requirements.

Current legislation

In short, current legislation determines that European authors who passed away after 1 January 1945 are protected by copyright laws for 70 years from the end of the year the author passed away. Until 1 January 1996, copyright lasted 50 years after an author passed away.


The following work is not protected under UK copyright laws:

1. Work by non-European authors

Non-European authors’ work will only be protected by copyright laws if their work is protected in their country of origin. This protection is valid for 50 years after the death of the author. One exception is the protection of United States work, where protection is valid for 70 years after the death of the author.

2. Copyright revived.

Copyright protection of works of European authors who passed away between 1 January 1925 and 31 December 1944, whose work had lost copyright protection, went back into copyright protection on 1 January 1996 for what remains of a 70 year period after the authors’ death. If an author passed away before 31 December 1924 the new period of protection is 50 years after the death of the author.

3. Artistic work

European authors who passed away after 1 January 1945 are protected by copyright laws for 70 years from the end of the year the author passed away. Until 1 January 1996, copyright lasted 50 years after an author passed away. The exception here is old photographs, portraits and engravings.

4. Anonymous and Pseudonymous works

Works are protected for 70 years from the end of the calendar year in which the work was first made publicly available. Works created before 1 January 1996 is protected for 50 years.

5. Crown and Parliamentary copyright

The Crown owns copyright on works by an officer or servant of the crown in the course of his or her duties made under the direction or control of either houses of Parliament.

Copyright in letters

Letters are protected by UK copyright laws, even if the recipient is the owner of the letter. Copyright is invested in the writer thereof.

Using copyrighted material without permission

UK copyright laws state that it is an infringement to quote a ‘Substantial Part’ of a copyrighted work without permission. Legally speaking it will be lawful to quote a copyrighted work only if it is less than a substantial part thereof.

The question now arises: What or how much is a substantial part?

The UK Copyright Act does not define the term ‘Substantial Part’. In a deciding case it was determined that four lines from a 32-line poem were held to be an infringement of copyright.

It still remains the responsibility of the writer to determine what requirements need be adhered to when seeking permission to use copyrighted material.

Copyright in a title

Generally there is no copyright in a title, but in certain instances where a title is narrowly associated or identified with a service or product in the public’s mind, such author may claim copyright protection on such title.

Copyright in a plot

As above, there is no copyright in a plot. In certain instances the author can claim copyright where he/she can prove that a combination or series of dramatic events in the infringing work had been taken from the same situations in his/her work.

How is copyright applied?

Copyright is automatically applied when a work is written or saved in any other manner.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How to be a successful internet writer and affiliate marketing writer,

I have written a guide to Internet Writing - Article marketing.
Table Of Contents:
Page 4 What is Article Marketing.
Page 7 Why write articles.
Page 10 Keyword Optimization.
Page 15 The Importance of article headlines.
Page 17 - How to Make Your Article Powerful
Page 19 - 4 Methods to Generate Traffic With Articles.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Writing Pt. 5: Reporting Facts and finding reliable sources.

In being a reporter or article writer one will always be required to report on facts and this is being done by asking questions and interviewing subjects. It is the duty of reporters or writers to ask questions and conduct interviews in order to report to the general public as no-one else are in a position to do so.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Writing and selling articles to webmasters. How to and why.

Writing and Selling Articles to Webmasters

Writing and selling articles to webmasters is often over-looked by many article writers. In fact, this is a niche that many writers can make decent money from when actively writing on a full-time basis.

Why sell Articles to webmasters?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

How To Get A Free Website And $125 In 24 Hours.

How To Get A Free Website And $125 In 24 Hours.

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 15, 2009 – If you have been thinking about getting into the internet marketing game or are in the game already and just need another income stream... I have the one for you.

It is called Get a free website (.info) and they really are an honest persons place to make a little money online with minimal work.

Heres the pitch (and its all true.)

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I signed up a few months ago and have been paid 3 times, the first payment was within days for $250, $125 +$125 i made by people hitting my free website. All I did was social bookmark the site and slap a few ads on craigslist.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Writing Pt. 4: How to take better notes when developing a writing idea.

In general, the majority of article writers may take notes using their small writers’ notebook. Although this may be sufficient in the majority of instances in article writing, there are much more to learn about taking notes. Not only is this important in improving the quality of article writing, but also more so in protecting you, the writer, against any potential civil litigation that may follow subsequent to the public release of an article.

Taking better notes Cont..

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Writing Pt. 3: Turning Article subjects into Ideas.

It is required of new generation article writers to turn article subjects into ideas, but is there really a notable difference between a subject and an idea? The answer is yes. Article writers should know the difference between a subject and an idea. This concept is what will ensure the success of a writer in future and ensure that articles will remain in huge demand. Continue

Friday, March 27, 2009

How to be a successful freelancer and make money, fast.

All who are seeking to make money online, there are various options available. Just go to any search engine and you will find a lot of stuff related to this. But half of them are scams or a kind of job which a normal person will feel is a lackluster job. If a person who has skills, knowledge of any field can get a suitable freelance job online and work for a long time. By doing this he would get paid and as well as enhance his personal skills. And we call that person freelancer. To start with the steps that how any person can make money as a freelancer, a brief picture has been drawn of freelancer below.

Freelancer: is a person who works for individual and for a group not on a permanent period and provides his services to their clients.

There are so many websites or forums which work as a platform for freelancers and employers. These websites are an online workplace where businesses connect with qualified professionals to get work done. With the largest network of certified technology and creative talent, they help businesses succeed by connecting them with the people they need to get work done. And these websites facilitate the entire work process from hiring to collaboration to payment.

Businesses use these sites to get work done by qualified professionals whenever they need it. Service providers use site to meet customers and get paid for doing what they do best. You can join any site out of them as a provider to make money online for your work by selecting a membership plan that is right for you. Membership plans range from free trial memberships to paid memberships. Paid memberships have few extra features and facilities.

First of all clients will Post the job (free) and list the skills they need while indicating timelines, requirements, and a budget range they are expecting to pay. Providers will respond by offering their services in the form of proposals. Client then review proposals, evaluate and interview candidates (via chat, messaging or calls), and award the job to the provider that best fits their needs. Alternatively, they can post a job, and then proactively invite specific providers to submit proposals on the job. They can browse the directory of providers, and identify providers who have the right sets of skills and portfolios of work that matches their business needs.

Once the membership plan is chosen, you set-up a profile to showcase your skills and services. You can upload samples of past work, list credentials and get your skills certified by taking skills tests administered by some websites.

You can find work by browsing the open jobs posted by clients, and then submit proposals for the work that interests you and best matches the skills that you possess. Once the work is awarded to the selected provider and both parties agree on business terms, the client will typically "fund" the project by putting money into his account. This ensures the money is available to pay the provider upon completion of agreed milestones.

And after getting assured of being paid you can start working at this point within time limits. Freelancer’s websites ensure structured communication between businesses and their service providers to drive great results. Some websites provide a workroom where both parties can easily communicate and collaborate with each other, set milestones, provide status update, share feedback, and ultimately make progress toward completion of the work. At the conclusion of the work (and sometimes upon completion of interim milestones) the provider gets paid for the results delivered.

All freelancers websites provide a distinguish category of work from writing/translation to making strategies for sales and advertisement. Any person who has the knowledge of any field like technical, financial concepts, digital photography fashion design, animation, translation, editing ,blogs, content writing ,advertising ,branding , data handling , business planning , tax preparation, negotiation , legal aspects etc can work here for long term and make a good name in his area of interest.

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These websites collect a small percentage generally (4% - 6%) of the total billings on the work done on website. This money is collected from the provider during the payment settlement process. Additionally, websites collect subscription fees from service providers who voluntarily opt into membership plans that are designed to help them grow their business and get great work on site. Clients pay no fees beyond the money that is paid to the provider for the work that is done.

Creating a Provider Profile

To submit proposals on jobs that interest you, you must sign up for as a provider membership plan and create a provider profile. Your profile will represent all the categories for which you or your firm has membership plans. Your profile allows you to promote your marketing message and samples of your work tailored to each category. Websites recommend that you upload samples of your work to the Portfolio section of your Service Provider Profile. A comprehensive portfolio is especially important for service categories such as Design & Multimedia and Writing & Translation.

After you have created your provider profile. Some forums also take a test of skills to check the right person which can increase your chances of getting project once you clear the test you can start submitting proposals to jobs. Access jobs by browsing the site or by receiving invitations from employers to submit proposals on their jobs.

In addition to actively browsing for jobs, you can also sign up to receive daily email notification of jobs in your categories of interest. You will receive a daily email containing links to jobs posted in the categories that you select. . Employers may also invite you to submit proposals on their jobs. When this happens, the following will occur:

• You will receive an email notification that you have been invited to submit a proposal.

• The job will appear in your 'Invites' list.

After you submit your proposal, the employer may contact you via the Private Messages to discuss the job in more detail.

At key milestones or when you have completed the job, you will need to invoice the employer through the Billing and Payment system (they may be called something different but most good sites have them) to receive payment for jobs. Once the employer receives your invoice, they will send payment via website’s Billing and Payment system.

After the successful completion of work the client leaves feedback in your profile and you will also have an option to leave feedback for your clients regarding the payment and his behavior during the project. Leaving feedback helps other members of the community properly evaluate each other when considering who to hire for a job or work for, when giving feedback, consider the impact that your comments and rating will have on the reputation of your client: So be fair and objective.

The most important feature of this kind of website is the bidding process. When any client posts a job then he invites bid for getting job done. And after receiving all the bids up till a certain deadline, he will evaluate on the basis of bidding amount as well as your experience. Your experience generally counts on the basis of projects which you had done in past and what kind of response you got after providing the service. The minimum proposal amount a provider can submit is based on the posted job's budget regardless of category. Generally for jobs posted with a budget less than $500, the proposal minimum is $50 on some popular websites. For jobs with a budget between $500 and $1000, the minimum is $300. For jobs posted with a budget of over $1000, the minimum proposal amount is $700. So for getting a job two things are more important one is your bidding amount which should be minimum or your experience should be obviously better than all others providers.

There is no limit of work on these websites as industry trend is changing; most of the companies are shifting their work from permanent basis to their temporary employees. The question is how much you can earn, Projects on these sites varies according to small in size to very big projects also. So if you have enough time you can take any big project. And if you have a team of freelancers you can execute big projects. Me and a few of my friends started a small firm, anyone can own a business (cyber) now with just a computer and an Internet connection.

And if you can hire some professionals for your work then you can outsourced your work and can work as a mediator for your client. The real bonanza of this method to make money online is that, there is no need for you to hang up for boring kind of jobs just for a few dollars. And also you will be enjoying your passion. You will grow in reputation in your market after executing projects successfully.

There are a few suggestions which should be in your mind before starting work as a freelancer. The first thing is that you should be committed to your work for the long term. Because timely completion of the work is necessary in freelancing. The second and more important advise is to market yourself for your skills and best way for this is through website if you are going to work for a long time then create your own website. It will assure your online presence and you can mention your past work.

Try to create a large customer base. Do not work only for a single person it does not mean that you should not be loyal for your client but working on different project will enhance your credentials.

For those who want to use their design or writing skills to make money online this platform is the right choice. So you are ready to make money and enjoying your work then waiting for what? Go to any good freelancing sites and make an account and select the category in which you fit better. And enjoy your first project. Be your own boss no need to work in a group or under fluorescent offices lights. Work in a way as you want was never easy before. In the end best of luck and happy earning for those that decide you are going to start their career as Freelancer.